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The best defense against any viral infection is a healthy immune system.  Therefore, your diet and lifestyle choices play a major role in your risk for COVID-19 and other illness.  The attached protocols have been developed by Doctors as a tool to prevent and treat COVID-19 at home.  Studies show that Early Treatment is very important in reducing your chances of hospitalization.  Please share this information with your doctor to see what is right for you.

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Covid-19 Treatment Protocol
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko & Dr. Joseph Mercola

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Prevention of COVID-19:

Once per Week:

  • 500 mg Quercetin

  • 30 mg Zinc

  • 2 mg Copper

Once per Day:​

  • 4000 I.U. Vitamin D


Treatment of COVID-19:

Twice Per Day:

  • 500 mg Quercetin

  • 30 mg Zinc

  • 2 mg Copper

  • 5000 I.U. Vitamin D

  • 500 mg Vitamin C

  • 200mg HCQ (Prescription Required) or

  • 0.2 -0.25 mg Ivermectin (Prescription Required)

World Council for Health

World Council for Health | Home

The World Council for Health has also established a treatment protocol based on several ongoing studies to ensure that infections are treated early and at home.

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COVIDFACTS.CA is a group of Canadian Physicians & Nurses from across Canada who say STOP before you Vaccinate your healthy kids with the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Do you have all the information you need to give informed consent?  

The Truth Behind Masks

It is a commonly known fact that any human being deprived of oxygen for a period of 3 to 5 minutes will suffocate and can die from cardiac arrest.

  1. Under Occupational Health & Safety Regulations an employer cannot place an employee in an unsafe work environment where oxygen is below 19.5%.

  2. Occupational Health & Safety regulations are in place to protect employees from entering environments where Carbon Dioxide exceeds 5000 ppm.

  3. In January 2021, Canadians for Truth hired an OHS Expert who specializes in Respirators and Medical Masks and he advised the team that both Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide hazards are present when wearing masks in schools and the workplace.  Governments should not be mandating the use of masks for extended periods in schools and workplaces.

  4. Face Masks reduce Oxygen from 21% (normal) to 17% and increase C02 levels from 380PPM to 25,000 - 43,000 making face masks dangerous to Life and Health.

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The Truth Behind Face Masks


Review the Studies Yourself