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Welcome to Canadians for Truth STREAM!  Our team has invested in Portable Studios that will allow us to generate timely and professional content.  What makes Canadians for Truth STREAM unique is our focus on bringing Social Media Influencers to our members, while using the latest streaming technology so that high quality content is paired with high quality video.   

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At the Studio
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Welcome to Canadians for Truth STUDIOS!  Our team is investing in a Studio and Media Team to develop 4 brand new shows currently being filmed for launch starting in November 2022.  Three of the shows will be filmed in our State of the Art Studio in Calgary including WAY OF TRUTH (Joseph Bourgault), PATRIOT WARRIOR (Theo Fleury) and UNSTOPPABLE TRUTH (Jamie Salé).  The Theo and Jamie Show titled "FIRE & ICE" will be filmed in front of a LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE in Calgary Alberta and encored in a community near you starting in October 2022!

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Joseph Bourgault


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Theo Fleury



Jamie Salé