About Us
Founded For Freedom
We represent the people of Canada who believe in honesty, integrity, and principled leadership in government, grounded in the principles of the rule of just laws, developed over hundreds of years by our ancestors.  Since being founded in 2020, the organization has supported and represented Canadians who have continued to see the erosion of their legally protected freedoms..

Canadians for Truth is a Non-Profit Organization founded on the principles of Truth, Freedom and Justice. We believe that Canada has strayed from its core values & principles. We were founded in 2020 when it became evident that media and government were suppressing important information and were being manipulated by foreign unelected organizations such as the WHO, WEF, and the UN. We have grown our organization based on principled leadership and have created a media platform to ensure that Canadians are being told the truth. We also aim to provide all Canadians with solutions that can be implemented to help all of us to be happy, healthy, and prosperous once again.

Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Our Vision is to be a trusted Media Source that can help bring positive cultural impact for Canadians by getting to the truth. Ultimately, our vision is to help awaken Canadians to the significant influence and harm that is being caused by Globalist entities, Mainstream Media and unqualified Canadian Political Leaders. It is also to help generate solutions that will help heal the trauma created by these institutions and restore health, happiness and prosperity for all Canadians.


Canadians for Truth is developing an Entertaining Educational Media Company based in Calgary, Alberta with the goal to produce high quality truthful content.  This will include Canadians for Truth Studios and Canadians for Truth Live with the goal of producing the highest possible quality content to help Canadians to make informed decisions.

Our team will find amazing ways to tell the story of regular Canadians and of the industries that are so important in fueling our economy.  We will be the voice of reason for Truth, Freedom, and Justice in Canada.

“Then you will know the truth,
and the truth shall set you free.”
JOHN 8:32
We recognize God as our Creator and the creator of natural scientific laws that govern our peaceful and harmonious co-existence here on earth.


Our team will be guided by love of God, Truth, Freedom, Justice, Family, Friends, Community and Country.


We believe in the relentless pursuit of truth by gathering the facts to find win/win solutions to solve problems. We welcome all perspectives as long as they are shared with respect.


Our Freedoms were given to us by our Creator and not by government.  However, Freedom comes with Responsibility.


We believe in the rule of law developed over centuries and to ensure that it is being applied equally, justly and fairly to everyone.


We are all equal before God and we must ensure that the rule of law is applied equally to all citizens.


Our belief is that love and support for our citizens and focus on creating healthy and happy families is imperative to our health, happiness and prosperity as a society.

Brené Brown
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Joseph Bourgault

Joseph Bourgault is the President of Canadians for Truth and is a prominent Business Leader from Saskatchewan.  In 2020, he founded Canadians for Truth, Freedom and Justice after witnessing Censorship in Media, Government Over-reach, and weak Political Leadership.  In 2022, he travelled to Ottawa with the Freedom Convoy and was instrumental in maintaining a peaceful and legal protest that resulted in a global movement.

The Joseph Bourgault Show "WAY OF TRUTH" is a show that highlights various topics surrounding our political, legal, and healthcare systems in Canada.  Guests will be invited on the show to bring additional context and debate, with the end result of delivering solutions and educating Canadians on the importance of holding our institutions accountable for their actions.

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Jamie Salé

Jamie Sale is best known for her career in Figure Skating, and was successful in winning the Gold Medal for Canada in pairs skating in the 2002 Olympics.  This was after many years of competitive figure skating, where she placed 3rd or better 22 times with 16 Championship Honours.  In 2010, Jamie competed in "Battle of the Blades" with Theo Fleury.  Their relationship strengthened over the past year when they reconnected around vocalizing controversial concerns over social media.

UNSTOPPABLE TRUTH will be an honest dive into the lives of regular Canadians to hear their stories of challenge, love, and finding the light in their darkest days.  This will be a Video Podcast Show that is a Conversation that will relate to audience members who have shared similar challenges dealing with struggle in relationships and truth in their lives, but more importantly their journey of awakening and how this has inspired others to do the same.

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Theo Fleury

Theo Fleury is an iconic Hockey Superstar and Mental Health Advocate. Theo is perhaps best known for his NHL career. Although Theo was physically smaller than his competitors (5ft. 6in), he played with fearless intensity that made him one of the most memorable players in the history of the NHL.  He is one of few players in the NHL that reached the 1000 point milestone.  All of this while struggling with addiction issues that he faced due to a secret that he revealed to the world in his book, "Playing with Fire", which was released in 2009.

PATRIOT WARRIOR is a gritty and honest look at current events occurring in the country.  As was his persona on the ice, Theo will not hold back and will go into subjects that many are afraid to tackle.  This show will focus on current events, reinforced by guests that he brings on the show to expand on various topics.

Canadians for Truth - LIVE brand
Canadians for Truth Studios is your investment in high quality equipment, studio backdrops, and media specialists to create high quality videos professionally recorded aimed at bringing entertaining and educational content to all Canadians.