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Fire and Ice episodes bring you unfiltered real-life narratives that seamlessly blend controversy with cherished principles through thought-provoking discussions that offer fresh perspectives on today's pressing issues. Each episode is recorded in the vibrant atmosphere of a live audience.
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Hosted by Jamie Salé, regular Canadians share their extraordinary experiences, revealing the stories behind their challenges, triumphs, and the driving force that fuels their journey.
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Hosted by Theo Fleury, is your window to an unfiltered perspective on current events shaping Canada. Join us weekly as Theo passionately delves into these crucial issues, offering his unreserved, thought-provoking insights on the most pressing matters that impact our nation.
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Your compass through Canada's intricate challenges. In this thought-provoking podcast, Joseph not only pinpoints hurdles but also charts a course to a brighter future, exploring a range of innovative solutions to enhance prosperity and happiness for all Canadians. Listen in as we navigate the complex issues shaping our nation, uncovering insights and strategies that hold the promise of a better tomorrow.