"God Loves Truth, Freedom and Justice." - Joseph Bourgault

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Our Story

Canadians for Truth has invested in a studio and office located in the Olympic City of Calgary, Alberta.  Our objective is to restore truth in Media by offering engaging and entertaining interviews with grassroot Canadians and Americans, holding media and politicians accountable, and offering edgy but truthful media that is both engaging and entertaining.

Our Studio is complete and we are filming our 4 Studio Shows for release in late 2022.  Our live studio audience show, FIRE & ICE, will be filmed monthly in our HOME THEATRE in Calgary and repeated in a Canadian Community.

You are part of our team, and your support helps us to ensure that our content is available as quickly as possible.  Be part of our team by purchasing a membership below and get exclusive updates and benefits.

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Canadians for Truth Studios is your investment in high quality equipment, studio backdrops, and media specialists to create high quality videos professionally recorded aimed at bringing entertaining but educational content to all Canadians.  This not only includes our personal Studio, but our live audience Theatre where we will be filming the Theo and Jamie Show.  

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Joseph Bourgault is the President of Canadians for Truth and is a prominent Business Leader from Saskatchewan.  In 2020, he founded Canadians for Truth, Freedom and Justice after witnessing Censorship in Media, Government Over-reach, and weak Political Leadership.  In 2022, he travelled to Ottawa with the Freedom Convoy and was instrumental in maintaining a peaceful and legal protest that resulted in a global movement pushing back against unlawful government over-reach.  

The Joseph Bourgault Show "WAY OF TRUTH" is a show that highlights various topics surrounding our political, legal, and healthcare systems in Canada.  Guests will be invited on the show to bring additional context and debate, with the end result of delivering solutions and educating Canadians on the importance of holding our institutions accountable for their actions.

Email Joseph : joseph@canadiansfortruth.ca

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Theo Fleury


Theo Fleury is an iconic Hockey Superstar and Mental Health Advocate.  Theo is perhaps best known for his NHL career where he played for the Calgary Flames, Colorado Avalanche, New York Rangers, and Chicago Blackhawks.  Not only is he a Stanley Cup Champion, but he also won a Gold Medal with Team Canada in 2002.   Although Theo was physically smaller than his competitors (5ft. 6in), he played with fearless intensity that made him one of the most memorable players in the history of the NHL.  He is one of few players in the NHL that reached the 1000 point milestone.  All of this while struggling with addiction issues that he faced due to a secret that he revealed to the world in his book, "Playing with Fire", which was released in 2009.  Being able to tell his story of repeated sexual abuse allowed him to start a new mission in life helping people suffering from Trauma.

PATRIOT WARRIOR is a gritty and honest look at current events occurring in the country.  As was his persona on the ice, Theo will not hold back and will go into subjects that many are afraid to tackle.  This show will focus on current events, reinforced by guests that he brings on the show to expand on various topics.

Email Theo:  theo@canadiansfortruth.ca

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"Fire AND ICE"

This is our Premium Live Event featuring Gold Medalists Theo Fleury and Jamie Sale.  Come and join us in our HOME THEATRE and be part of a LIVE RECORDED Show featuring a Special Guest.  Our HOME THEATRE is located in Calgary, Alberta, and we provide an intimate experience where you will be able to meet our team before the show and join us on a tour of our Studio.

If you don't live in Calgary, don't worry!  We will be taking the show on the road every month so that we can connect with our members in communities across Canada.  Come and join an experience like no other and be part of FIRE & ICE!

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Jamie Salé


Jamie Sale is best known for her career in Figure Skating, and was successful in winning the Gold Medal for Canada in pairs skating in the 2002 Olympics.  This was after many years of competitive figure skating, where she placed 3rd or better 22 times with 16 Championship Honours.  In 2010, Jamie competed in "Battle of the Blades" with Theo Fleury.  Their relationship strengthened over the past year when they reconnected around vocalizing controversial concerns over social media.

Jamie is an Honest Truth Seeker and has been vocal on her social media accounts about issues related to Health & Wellness and is an advocate for the Freedom of Choice.

UNSTOPPABLE TRUTH will be an honest dive into the lives of regular Canadians to hear their stories of challenge, love, and finding the light in their darkest days.  This will be a Video Podcast Show that is a Conversation that will relate to audience members who have shared similar challenges dealing with struggle in relationships and truth in their lives, but more importantly their journey of awakening and how this has inspired others to do the same.

Email Jamie: jamie@canadiansfortruth.ca

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Professional Ice Skater

Founded For Freedom

We are a group of CANADIAN Citizens who believe in honesty, integrity, and principled Leadership in Government, grounded in the Principles of the Rule of Just Laws, developed over hundreds of years by our Ancestors.  Since being founded in 2020, the organization has supported and represented hundreds of Canadians who have had our rights violated by our Canadian Government.