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Latest Releases
Unstoppable Truth with the organizers of the 1 Million March 4 Children

The mission is to safeguard children from gender ideology teachings, sexual indoctrination, exposure to explicit sexual content, ensuring that parental consent remains paramount.

Unstoppable Truth with Rodney Palmer

Rodney Palmer is an award-winning journalist who has worked for 20 years as a foreign correspondent and investigative reporter in Canada and abroad.

Shadoe Davis - Friends

Special guest Shadoe goes into detail about what friendship really means and how it affects us all in these times.

Patriot Warrior - Alcohol is a Coping Mechanism

Theo dives into what alcohol is and how it affects us.

Unstoppable Truth - Angela Gronden

Jamie sits down with Angela Gronden.

Unstoppable Truth - Linda Blade

Jamie sits down with Linda Blade aFormer NCAA all American and National Champion in Canada

Unstoppable Truth - Mike Vogiatzakis

Jamie sits down with Mike who is a funeral home director from Manitoba.

Patriot Warrior - Who Are We Protecting

Theo dives into the principle of hiding criminal acts when a person is in a well-respected position.

Unstoppable Truth - Shawn Buckley

Jamie sits down with Shawn Buckley to discuss some of the outcomes the disappearance of natural medicine would implicate.

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