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From Service to Solutions: Insights from Military Veterans
From Service to Solutions: Insights from Military Veterans

Collaborate, learn, network, and gain insight into Canada and our future.

Presented by Canadians For Truth, in collaboration with Veterans For Freedom, this event offers a unique opportunity to connect with recent veterans who provide a behind-the-scenes look at the issues shaping Canada's future.

Hear from a former intelligence officer with 30 years of national security experience, and an Air Force Squadron Leader who has served with both the Canadian & British Armed Forces and others with unique and compelling experience.. Their firsthand insights provide a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities ahead. Seize this opportunity to hear directly from our veterans, whose sacrifices, experiences, and commitment to service provide invaluable perspectives that enrich our understanding of the challenges facing our country.

With six dynamic presentations, networking opportunities, and a Fire & Ice finale, this event is your ticket to empowerment and connection!

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Noon - Doors Open

1:00 pm- 9:30 pm| Event

Location: Legacy Place, Red Deer

5:30 pm| Food included with ticket purchase *sandwiches and beverages

**Carpooling is encouraged as parking can be limited**

Listening Sessions/ Q&A Opportunities are available throughout the day

  • Jeff Evely - Unrestricted Warfare
    A comprehensive analysis empowering Canadians with knowledge to safeguard democracy against modern threats.
  • Daryl Smith - Lost and found. A Special Forces Soldier’s Road to Redemption
    A touching journey from Special Forces to redemption through faith.
  • Catherine Christensen - Broken Covenant - The CAF under General Wayne Eyre
    Examining the dangers of military leadership above the law and its historical implications.
  • Tom Quiggin - Trudeau, Globalism and the Post National State
    Analyzing the erosion of Canadian sovereignty and its implications for democracy.
  • Kelly Lorencz- Ripping the Band-Aid off
  • The issues related to family and community and where do we go from here.
  • Andrew MacGillivray - Localism Defeats Globalism
    Building resilient local communities amidst global challenges.
  • Stewart Staudinger - Selection and Maintenance of the Aim
    Exploring the key actions for societal restoration and management, drawing parallels from military campaign planning.
  • Break * 5:30 pm | Food included with ticket purchase *sandwiches and beverages
  • FIRE & ICE featuring Theo Fleury, Former NHL Hockey Star, Joseph Bourgault
    The Managed Decline of the Canadian Armed Forces

Bios of Speakers

Jeff Evely highlights the concept of "Unrestricted Warfare," drawing parallels between ancient strategies and modern destabilization tactics, urging Canadians to safeguard democracy against multidimensional threats.

Daryl Smith shares a personal journey of redemption, transitioning from a Special Forces soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces to finding solace and purpose through his faith.

Catherine Christensen discusses the dangers of a military with leaders who perceive themselves above the law, emphasizing the need to learn from history to prevent further institutional decay.

Tom Quiggin critiques Prime Minister Trudeau's globalist approach, arguing for the preservation of Canadian sovereignty within a traditional democratic framework and shedding light on tactics used against dissenting voices.

Kelly Lorencz- shares his experiences ranging from the Canadian Airborne Regiment to the Correctional Service of Canada as a Crisis Negotiator while trying to create change in the political landscape

Andrew MacGillivray advocates for the strength of local communities in countering global influences, emphasizing the importance of food security and municipal politics in navigating national challenges.

Stewart Staudinger emphasizes the importance of strategic vision and effective management processes in restoring and maintaining societal functionality, drawing parallels from military campaign planning.

The event also features a segment titled FIRE & ICE, featuring Theo Fleury and Joseph Bourgault, focusing on the managed decline of the Canadian Armed Forces.

A joint partnership between Veterans for Freedom and Canadians For Truth

Event Details
Date and Time
Jun 15, 2024
Jun 15, 2024
12:00 pm
9:30 pm
Legacy Place, 1 England Wy, Red Deer, AB T0M 1R0