Patriot Warrior

Patriot Warrior is an interview show outlining current events in the minds of Canadians. Theo Fleury will bring on guests from across Canada to highlight the truth you won't hear in mainstream media.


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Patriot Warrior - Alcohol is a Coping Mechanism

Theo dives into what alcohol is and how it affects us.

Patriot Warrior - Who Are We Protecting

Theo dives into the principle of hiding criminal acts when a person is in a well-respected position.

Patriot Warrior - Synthetic Medicine

Theo covers one of the crucial reasons why synthetic medicine is one of the biggest failures of our society.

Patriot Warrior - Follow the Money

Theo gives some thoughts on how to differentiate some of the facts from fiction.

Patriot Warrior - Division in Society

Theo discusses some of the reasons behind our divisive society and it's roots.

Patriot Warrior - Mass Cowardice

Theo touches on the idea of silently watching and "supporting" a cause and what that really does in the end.


Unstoppable Truth
Unstoppable Truth

Unstoppable Truth is an honest dive into the lives of regular Canadians to hear their stories of challenge, love, and finding the light in their darkest days.

FIRE & ICE - The Theo & Jamie Show
FIRE & ICE - The Theo & Jamie Show

Join Gold Medalists Theo Fleury & Jamie Sale, as they interview a special guest in their LIVE RECORDED SHOW Fire & Ice.

Way of Truth
Way of Truth

The Way of Truth will be a show that outlines the challenges we face in Canada and solutions to create prosperity and happiness for Canadians.

Canadian Heroes
Canadian Heroes

Canadian Heroes hosted by Joseph Bourgault focuses on the stories of everyday Canadians who have made a significant impact in their communities and beyond.

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FIRE & ICE Shadoe Davis
FIRE & ICE Shadoe Davis

Fire & Ice with Shadoe Davis, hosted by Theo and Jamie

Thursday, May 25, 2023
7:00 pm
9:30 pm
1800 Quarry Park Blvd, Calgary AB
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